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Brownies is our section for girls aged seven to ten.

Through regular meetings, special events, day trips, sleepovers, camps and holidays, Brownies learn new hobbies, play music, explore other cultures and get adventurous outdoors. Girls can also extend their knowledge and abilities by working towards Brownie interest badges covering many different hobbies and activities from Space, and Aviation to Mindfulness and Zero Waste.

Brownies become a member of a Six, a unit with a name such as the traditional Pixie, Gnome. Elf or Imp or  become a  Badger, Fox, Mole, Squirrel, Hedgehog or Rabbit, and follow the new programme based around six themes.

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Brownie Meetings


7th Kingswood

46th Kingswood


3rd Kingswood

4th Kingswood

9th Kingswood

13th Kingswood

19th Kingswood

25th Kingswood


10th Kingswood

30th Kingswood


11th Kingswood

15th Kingswood

21st Kingswood

23rd Kingswood

2nd Mangotsfield


Brownie Interest Badges




Brownie Theme Awards

       Find out more about the Brownie section of Girlguiding by visiting the Brownie website.

Please note the above section is subject to a waiting list

To volunteer and give more girls aged 7-10 the chance to be a brownie please visit us here.