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The four sections of guiding are as follows:


There has never been a more exciting time to join Girlguiding – in July 2018 the new girlguiding programme for all sections was officially launched. Over the next year units will begin to phase out the old programmes and begin following the new programme.

The new programme is based around the 6 themes; Be Well; Skills for My Future; Know Myself; Express Myself; Take Action and Have Adventures.

Young Members will achieve skills builders during their unit meetings and undertake interest badges at home.

Skills Builders 


For the first time Rainbows and Rangers have interest badges to achieve!


A Selection of Rainbow & Brownie interest Badges.


A Selection of Guide and Ranger interest Badges.


Once completing the correct amount of skills builders, unit meeting activities and interest badges for each theme, members will be awarded their theme award.


A Selection of Theme Awards across the sections. 


Members will follow these six themes, from the time they join rainbows through to rangers.

Once they have achieved all six of the section theme awards, they will achieve the section Gold Awards.


For more information on our new programme and how we got here please visit here