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Leaders take on a Giant Game of Monopoly

Last weekend, 3 leaders from our division (and a Sea Scout) traveled up to London to take part in the annual London Monopoly Run. 9 hours to visit as many locations on the 2017 monopoly board as possible – easy, you’d think! Hopping on and off tubes to take selfies at famous locations including Kings Cross Station; Big Ben and the Science Museum to name but a few.  Visiting as many locations as you could, taking a selfie with the specified location and answering a question, including the ‘Bonus locations’ for more points – it really is a great way of seeing London in a day – visiting all the famous landmarks. Whilst competing in the run itself, each team are placed into a twitter league – which Norman’s Gnomes won for their league – the Horse. This was the second year that members of the 4th Kingswood Rangers leadership team have taken part in the event, and we are proud to announce we are getting better! This year we managed to score around 200 more points taking us into 7th place in our competition. Let’s hope next year’s event see’s us climbing higher on the leader board and hopefully see a few more guiding teams enter – the downside of being the only guiding team at this years event – you get called a scout wherever you go!!!