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   Bristol University and University of the West of England Students


What is SSAGO?

The Student Scout and Guide Organisation (SSAGO)  exists to support Scouts, Guides, and people who have never been members of either Association, who are students at Colleges and Universities in the UK and are interested in the aims, objectives, and methods of the Scout and Guide Associations.  Click Here for more information.

Once a term, all the SSAGO groups from around the country attend a rally at one of the universities. This is a great chance to see another part of the country and have fun, make new friends, and take part in a range of activities.

Bristol are fortunate to have two SSAGO clubs, SAGUWE at University of the West of England and UOBGAS at the University of Bristol. They meet for all kinds of activities, ranging from bowling to climbing, and wide games to board games.

If you wish, you can help at a local Scout and Guide group, or just come along on a SSAGO night… it’s up to you.


Why Join?

SSAGO is the perfect opportunity to meet a large number of students with similar interests, and participate in a very diverse range of activities, that you probably wouldn’t do otherwise. It also looks great on your CV!

Click Here for SAGUWE – University of the West of England

Click Here for UOBGAS – University of Bristol

Click Here if you are interested in being a Leader or Helper in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.