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Guides can Survive the Aftermath of an Earthquake

Guides from 4th Kingswood recently took on their first ever Be Prepared Resilience event – to see if they have what it takes to survive the aftermath of an earthquake.

On arrival at Cleeve Hill Campsite in Bath, the guides were split into their ‘families’ and had to decide firstly what equipment from their suitcase would be the most helpful in the aftermath survival. Over the course of the day, the guides visit various checkpoints, where they had to source water successfully; pitch a tent for shelter; deal with casualties; learn CPR among other things. At each checkpoint the families were scored on teamwork – after all, team work is what will inevitable help them survive!

The feedback from each and everyone of the guides has been phenomenal. They all really enjoyed making friends, working with others and learning new skills – we hope to be back in 2018 with even more guides!

For more information on the Be Prepared Resilience Events for Guides & Scouts please visit