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4th Kingswood Rangers Evolve again..

This July saw members of 4th Kingswood Rangers return to Evolution, the senior section and explorer camp in Cirencester. This year was the 2nd year the rangers returned to the event and thankfully the sun shone (last time they were faced with a thunderstorm with hailstones!) Taking on a navigation hike, working out the coordinates needed to get to the next base, where tasks were to be completed for the all important points. 2017’s trip to Evolution not only had the sun but also a new campsite, a closer route to the main event and more success for the unit, who managed to visit every base on the course and check back in within the time allowed. Friday and Saturday nights were spent in the disco and watching the various entertainment, oh and tormenting their leaders who spent the weekend on security!

4th Kingswood will be returning to Evolution next year and you can too. The dates are 29th June – 1st July 2018 and you can find out more information at